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Welcome: You can browse through and download our vast collection of FREE Autolisp /  Visual Lisp functions which you can use to build your own complex applications running under AutoCAD or BricsCAD, unless specifically noted. New functions are constantly added to this collection. Do not forget to bookmark this page and keep visiting to check what is new.

What they are and what they are not? The Lisp functions are programmer’s tools. In other words, these are NOT ready-to-use commands that you can run off the command line in AutoCAD or BricsCAD. You must call these functions from your Lisp routine and make them work.

Locating: To help you locate your desired functions easily, we have provided different categories which you can browse through and pick up your selection.

Dependencies: Please bear in mind that many of the individual functions shown here often call other functions which are all available in this section, but are not part of the LSP file that you are downloading. Make sure you download all the functions that you need to make your code work. In addition, some of the functions may call the FREEWARE doslib functions from Robert McNeel & Associates. This can be downloaded from the following URL:

Copyrights: All programming codes and functions shown here are copyrighted to Four Dimension Technologies and Coordinate Systems, Bangalore, India (C) 1999-2011 and may not be used directly for any commercial purposes. You may, however, embed functions taken from here into your programs that may be sold commercially provided you mention this as part of your product copyrights.  If you want to include this code in any of your programs, please remember to carry the copyright notice and give us the credit. You are welcome to modify the functions as you see fit for your purpose. If you think your revised version is better than ours, please send us a copy. If you have a new generic Lisp function that could be of use for others, please send it to me and we will carry your LSP here for the larger benefit of the Lisp CAD community (we will offer your credits within the Lisp) file.

No part of this website may be reproduced (with or without credits) in any other websites without the prior permission of Four Dimension Technologies or Coordinate Systems.  Instead, you are encouraged to provide a link to our site, if required.

Support: All the Lisp functions shown here are supported by us. If you encounter difficulties in using them, please let us know and we can help resolve the problem. However, we cannot provide technical support or fix bugs in the applications that you write using these functions – unless of course, if  you hire our services to do so.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made in all functions to make them as generic as possible with error trapping included, users are reminded that the programs, functions and other material provided here are solely to be used at your own risk. Some of the functions are quite complex and tricky and have expected operating conditions. Please familiarize yourself with their workings before you use them for critical processing.

Feedback: Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Whether you liked or not, please drop me an email ( to let me know what you think about these functions and the TechCenter site in general.