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July 31, 2017
Bengaluru, India

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**** Headlines Today:

Bengaluru, India

*** BricsCAD Update:

*** CADPower & GeoTools V 18.06 Update:

** Improvement in UX during trial runs:

Less intrusion during trial runs: The CADPower & GeoTools trial runs for 30-day now does not display the nag screen every time you start a new drawing in BricsCAD or AutoCAD. The trial reminder window now appears only once per day. This offers a smoother, less-intrusive experience for trial users.

More information on command line: To compensate for not seeing the popup window during each run, the trial days, number of runs etc. now appear non-intrusively on the command line.

** Windows Smartscreen & Anti-virus warnings

CADPower and GeoTools installer EXE often displays the 'Windows Smartscreen' un-trusted software warnings upon first run on Windows 10 operating systems.

Several anti-virus software also routinely flag down EXE downloads as suspicious and warn the user before running it.

We would like to assure users that our software EXE is compiled and developed in a completely safe environments and users can safely ignore these warnings and install CADPower-GeoTools EXE without harming your computer in any way.

We are working on adding a digitally signed certificate and once this is done, the false warnings should go away. This is expected to be completed in the life-cycle of V18.

** New command added:

CP_INSSIMILAR (Menu: CADPower-> Blocks -> Block-related -> Insert similar named blocks):

The CP_INSSIMILAR command inserts all blocks in the current drawing matching a given name pattern (wild-cards accepted) and places them next to each other on the drawing. This is a useful maintenance and house-keeping command for your drawing when you have to manage multiple blocks belonging a the same or similar feature. For example, if you have several *CHAIR* blocks in your drawing and want an easy way to view/edit and sorted them out, this tool helps.

** Enhancement:

CP_MAINTENANCE (CADPower -> More Options -> Maintenance/Housekeeping):

The CP_MAINTENANCE command allows various CAD organization and Windows operating system related tasks to be performed from within the comforts of the CAD environment. We have expanded the list significantly by providing quick access to a number of Windows tasks that are often required by users.

Here is the complete list of tasks that you can launch from your CAD software:

- Windows Services: services.msc
- Windows Remote Desktop Connection: mstsc
- Windows System information: msinfo32
- Windows Backup and Restore: sdclt
- Windows Computer Management: compmgmt.msc
- Windows Disk cleanup utility: cleanmgr
- Windows Event viewer: eventvwr.nsc
- Windows Control Panel: control
- Microsoft Management Console: mmc
- Windows System resource monitor: resmon
- Windows - Change screen resolution: desk.cpl
- Take snap-shot using sniping tool: taskmgr
- Windows Task Manager: taskmgr
- Windows Mouse properties: main.cpl
- Problem Steps Recorder: psr
- Start Chrome broswer: chrome
- Start Firefox browser: firefox
- Windows Action Center: wcui.cpl
- Add/Remove programs: appwiz.cpl

This command works perfectly in AutoCAD, BricsCAD Pro and Platinum and with some restrictions in BricsCAD Classic. The restrictions will be removed after the next update of BricsCAD Lisp engine, and will be applicable after the said update.

** Enhancement:

CP_COMPUTEWALLAREAS (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Compute Wall/Openings areas): The CP_COMPUTEWALLAREAS command has been updated. You can now create separate quantity tables for fixtures and wall areas and attached then as CAD data. The earlier version would create only a fixtures table in CAD and output the wall area data into an ASCII file.

With this enhancement, the entire process of defining wall elevations from the plan footprint, defining and placing the openings and fixtures in a parametric environment and creating quantity output is now streamlined into a logical and easy flowing procedure.

This workflow now enables computing the wall surface areas, net area for painting and a complete cost-quantity schedule of doors, windows or any other fixture that is attached to a wall (or floor).

Please note that this workflow is designed purely for the 2D user and is not to be confused with the 3D quantities that can be extracted from BricsCAD BIM environment.

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