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February 28, 2017
Bengaluru, India

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Bengaluru, India

*** Major improvement in V 17.21 installation/configuration procedure: GeoTools & CADPower for BricsCAD

We have improved the installation and configuration process of the BricsCAD verisons of GeoTools and CADPower significantly.

You now *DO NOT* need to manually configure the support path after installation. The CADPower and GeoTools files and menus/toolbars load up automatically after installation is complete. There is no need to manually go to 'Settings' and add the support folders as before. The dialog box giving you the instructions still appears and will be removed out eventually in subsequent releases.

This new improvement was long overdue and will make it easier for first time trial users as well as existing customers during software deployment.

I thank Owen Wengerd and Torsten Moses for their help in enabling this feature in the installation process.

The automatic configuration works in BricsCAD V17 as well as V16 and earlier versions. I have checked in BricsCAD V17, V16 and V15.

*** Another another major improvement is that the installer now forces you to be logged in as administrator. Earlier, this was not mandatory and was resulting in permissions error when it tried installing in "c:\Program Files\DesignSense\GeoTools17_BricsCAD_EN" folder. In Windows 7 and later, the installer tells you that you are not logged in as administrator and provides you with the login credentials dialog box to enable you to login as admin and continue with the installation.

Logging in as administrator is now mandatory also because the installer directly makes changes to the registry enabling 'Auto-Loading' of CADPower and GeoTools.

*** GeoTools V 17.21 Update:

** Enhancement: GT_PROFILE @ GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Draw cross-sectional profile from 3D Polyline:

The GT_PROFILE command will now label all the polylines with the ROUTE name sequentially so it will be now possible to track (and match) the profile cross-section with the planar 3d polyline. The profile name is displayed at the start of the 3d polyline using a block called PROFILE_SECTION and the same is shown as an annotation in the cross-section profile also.

** Improvement in AutoCAD 2017 license management of GeoTools & CADPower:

In AutoCAD 2017, the network licensing mechanism has changed a bit. Network license serial number is "acquired dynamically" during the startup process and is available only after the startup process is complete. This was causing GeoTools and CADPower to read the serial number as 000-00000000 and therefore fail the license check based on serial numbers. This has been fixed now and appropriate checks have been put in place to deal with network license serial number issues in AutoCAD 2017.

*** CADPower V 17.21 Update

** Enhanced command: CP_BOM (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Create Bill of Materials/Quantities): The CP_BOM command now supports composite blocks.

Composite blocks are applicable in the 'Multiple Blocks (by Name)' BOM method which counts multiple blocks and reports their quantities and cost.

A composite block is like an assembly, which has its own set of parts list that must be computed and added to the final bill of materials. The parts list of the composite block is, in itself, a list of block names with their quantities, which is added to the main quantities. Only one insertion of the composite block is enough and the parts get counted automatically.

The composite blocks are listed in a separate section in the INI file called [COMPOSITE_BLOCK_NAMES]

All block names listed in this section are considered composite blocks, with a parts list as specified below:


For example:


This means that, when the block FEL is seen in the selection, it is counted once and an additional quantity of 5 'R-AL' blocks and 10 'R-CC' blocks are added to the quanntity list.

The addition of composite blocks in the CP_BOM workflow is a fulfillment of requests from many users to be able to document assemblies in their drawings and generate their detailed parts list with ease.

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