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January 20, 2017
Bengaluru, India

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**** Headlines Today:

Bengaluru, India

*** CADPower V17.18 Update:

** Bug Fix: TXT2MTXT : CADPower-> Text-> Editing-> Consolidate Text into MText (quick version):

A bug has been fixed in this command. It now creates MTEXT in the same location as existing original text objects with the same justification and extents as the original text. The original appearance of the text is preserved. Text in user coordinate systems (UCS) are now handled correctly.

** Significant enhancement in Quantity takeoff related tools:

** Tile placement: CP_FLEXITILE: (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Flexi-Tile planner): The CP_FLEXITILE command places rectangular fixtures (tiles, panels, bricks etc.) over a poylgonal boundary. This command has been significantly improved.

The scope of this tool has been extended - it can now recognize the entity being placed as 3d also. You can also attach material and dependent resources to each tile and enhance the scope of the quantity takeoff.

Here are a list of new features and improvements:

1. It is now possible to specify the element as 3D. This means that a depth parameter is also input in addition to the length and breadth. Specifying the element as 3D allows volume computation. With the 3D specification, the CP_FLEXITILE command is no longer a tile (2d) or flat panel (2d) placement tool but a tool that can be used to as model and quantify bricks, hollow blocks, 3d cladding, glass blocks and more.

2. The CP_FLEXITILE command now works in concert with the CP_BUILDWALLS command. When you pick a polygonal area to fill, the command now checks the layer name of the boundary and determines the floor name, element type, wall number etc.

The layer naming convention is set by the CP_BUILDWALLS command.

If the wall is in layer GROUND_WALL_A1, the elements belonging to that wall are placed in GROUND_WALL_TILE_A1. This makes it easier to manage data floor-wise, element-wise and wall-wise.

3. It is now possible to specify a joint offset distance while placing tiles. This feature was already available in the CP_TILEPLACE command and has been extended to the CP_FLEXITILE command also.

4. There is now an option to add material resources to each tile. The material resources are defined in the INI file used by CP_BOM command.

This section is used to define the quantity, cost and time used per unit resource.

Here, you must specify the resource name followed by (=) and the Quantity, Cost & Time per unit resource

For example:

The syntax of the resource definition section is shown below:


In the above example, 'Cement' is the name of the material (or resource) used. Its quantity (weight) required per unit tile is 0.1, Cost per unit tile is 0.5 and the time requred per unit tile to place this resource is 3.0

This would also require us to specify the 'weight unit', 'cost unit' and 'time unit'.

All of this is specified in the [SCALEFACTOR_RECORD] in the INI file that is created by CP_BOM command (as explained below).


> RECORD_STRUCTURE=#Desc,#Size,#Quantity,#UnitCost,#TotalCost,#UnitArea,#TotalArea,#UnitVolume,#TotalVolume,#UnitWeight,#TotalWeight,#Resource

The RECORD_STRUCTURE specifies the items that must appear on the table and the exported CSV file.

There are some new items added here.

The '#UnitVolume' token displays the volume of each unit of the tile or panel. This is valid only if the element is specified as 3d.

The '#UnitWeight' token displays the weight of each unit as computed from the volume and WEIGHT_PER_VOLUME. Valid only for 3d elements.

The '#TotalWeight' token displays the total weight of the material (#UnitWeight x Quantity)

The '#TotalVolume' token displays the total volume of the material (#UnitVolume x Quantity)

The '#Resource' token tells the system to display material resources in the table, if available and atatched to the entities.


The WEIGHT_OF_EACH_STD_UNIT is the weight of each standard unit of tile (or panel or brick). This ia for future use and not used at the moment.

The WEIGHT_PER_VOLUME parameter specifies the weight of the element per unit volume. The volume unit is as specified in the VOLUME_UNIT parameter.

The weight is as specified in the WEIGHT_UNIT parameter.

The cost unit is as specified in the COST_UNIT parameter and the time unit is as specified in the TIME_UNIT parameter.

** Improvements in CP_BUILDWALLS (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Draw Developed Walls from plan footprint):

The CP_BUILDWALLS command now creates walls in appropriate layers as determined by the floor name, and wall segment name.

If the current floor is GROUND, and the walls are designated A1, A2, A3 and so on, the walls in elevation are now placed in layers GROUND_WALL_A1, GROUND_WALL_A2, GROUND_WALL_A3 and so on.

The wall numbering is now alpha-numeric and can support names like A1, A2, A3 and so on.

** Bug fix in AutoCAD version:

CP_SCLEDIT: CADPower -> Blocks -> Block-related -> Interactive XY Scale Editor: The CP_SCLEDIT command would fail in AutoCAD after a certain number of XY scaling operations. This has been fixed now.

*** <<<REMINDER>>> CADPower & GeoTools Price Revision:

Starting February 1, 2017 the list price of GeoTools and CADPower software will be revised by about 5-8% higher.

2016 witnessed one of the fastest growing years for product features. We added a whole of new stuff in GeoTools & CADPower, fixed defects and enhanced several existing tools. Our products are growing with a significant velocity and the new prices better reflect the value it brings to the user.

The new price list is shown below and applies to both AutoCAD and BricsCAD versions of the product.

GeoTools V17:

- Single user license: USD 199 (Existing price: USD 189)
- 2-User license: USD 359 (Existing price: USD 339)
- 4-user license: USD 649 (Existing price: USD 599)
- 10-user license: USD 1499 (Existing price: USD 1359)
- 20-user license: USD 2499 (Existing price: USD 2299)
- Unlimited site license: USD 5799 (Existing price: USD 5559)

GeoTools upgrade (from V16) prices:

- Single-user license upgrade from V14: USD 99 (Existing price: USD 94)
- 4-user license upgrade from V14: USD 319 (Existing price: USD 299)
- 10-user license upgrade from V14: USD 599 (Existing price: USD 579)
- 20-user license upgrade from V14: USD 1049 (Existing price: USD 999)
- Unlimited site license upgrade from V14: USD 2599 (Existing price: USD 2499)

CADPower V17 prices (new licenses):

- Single user license: USD 174 (Existing price: USD 159)
- 2-User license: USD 309 (Existing price: USD 289)
- 4-user license: USD 539 (Existing price: USD 509)
- 10-user license: USD 1199 (Existing price: USD 1099)
- 20-user license: USD 2099 (Existing price: USD 1849)
- Unlimited site license: USD 4499 (Existing price: USD 4299)

CADPower upgrade (from V16) prices:

- Single-user license upgrade from V16: USD 89 (Existing price: USD 79)
- 4-user license upgrade from V16: USD 239 (Existing price: USD 219)
- 10-user license upgrade from V16: USD 359 (Existing price: USD 329)
- 20-user license upgrade from V16: USD 619 (Existing price: USD 579)
- Unlimited site license upgrade from V16: USD 1799 (Existing price: USD 1599)

If you wish to buy the products at the existing price, now is the time, until January 31, 2017.

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