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May 21, 2016
Bengaluru, India

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Bengaluru, India

*** CADPower V 17.04 Update:

** New command added: CP_CONVERTTO3DFORMS (CADPower -> Modeller -> Convert-To-3D Forms):

The CP_CONVERTTO3DFORMS command has been around in CADPower for a while and was used by us internally for demos in conceptual design and planning. It was primarily meant to be a BricsCAD command to create a 3d form from 2d sections, add a floor base, a roof and apply some quick concept modeling on forms and spaces to be taken to BricsCAD BIM. The CP_CONVERTTO3DFORMS is useful for AutoCAD users as well.

This command takes open as well as closed 2d forms like lines, arcs, splines and polylines and extrudes them into a 3d geometry by giving them a height, a form (or wall) thickness.

It can also add a floor-base beneath your 3d form and a roof as well. The roof can be specified as flat or sloping. Sloping roofs can be defined by identifying a ridge for the roof that can either be drawn or picked from existing ridge lines and polylines.

When used in BricsCAD, this command provides a very quick method to create a 3d form, a shell with walls, roofs and floors. You can then use advanced 3d modeling and BIM commands in BricsCAD Platinum to fine-tune and polish your form based models created by CP_CONVERTTO3DFORMS.

** Improved command: CP_JNE: (CADPower -> Build -> Join nearest ends of lines, polylines): The CP_JNE command has been improved considerably. You can now join two 2d polylines with arcs and the arc segments are properly preserved. Earlier, the arc segments would get lost and replaced with linear segments.

** Improved command: CP_BOM: (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Create Bill of Materials/Quantities): The CP_BOM command has been improved. It now offers the drawing name with the CSV extension as the default for the export file automatically. This ensures that first time users of the command have less difficulty in using this command without having to remember to specify the export file name.

** Improved command: CP_LINEQTY (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Create Bill of Materials/Quantities): We introduced the CP_LINEQTY command in V 16.05 along with CP_DATAMAN. These two commands together enable creating a simple database with the dwg and create a bill of quantities and cost for the selected linear objects. CP_LINEQTY is a linear quantity and cost estimation tool that works on a simple INI file defining the cost and description of linear materials like pipes, cables, reinformcement bars and so on.

Using the CP_DATAMAN command, you assign material properties like name, weight/m, cost/m, supplier info and any other to objects. Using CP_LINEQTY, you can process these attahced information into a table of quantities and cost.

CADPower comes shipped with a sample INI file (LINEQTY.INI) in the support folder that shows the kind of structure required for the CP_LINEQTY command.

*** GeoTools V 17.04 Update:

** New command added: GT_3DINT (GeoTools -> Polyline Tools -> Identify -> Find 3d intersections):

The GT_3DINT command detects 3d intersection between two entities. Lines, arcs, polylines, circles and splines are supported as valid entities and the two 3d points where they intersect are marked with points and can also be optionally connected by a line.

Additionally, you can create a point at the intersection location(s) and also optionally join the intersection points with a line.

The inspiration for this program came from users in mapping, mining and geological domains where it is important to determine the crossing or intersections of linear elements. This can also be used by conceptual planning architects and engineers to perform spatial analysic of building elements in a 3D space.

** Enhanced command: GT_INTERSECT (GeoTools -> Polyline Tools -> Identify -> Mark intersection points along lines,polylines,arcs)

The GT_INTERSECT command has been enhanced and now supports full 3d intersections also. Earlier, only 2d intersections were possible. The GT_INTERSECT command now uses the same engine as GT_3DINT and performs intersection computations on multiple objects.

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