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December 15, 2015
Bengaluru, India

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*** CADPower V16.12 Update:

Some significant improvements and a new commanded added in V 16.12

1. New command added: CP_HOLETABLE: (CADPower -> Draw -> Rule-Based -> Hole table):

It is now possible to create a hole-table in CADPower and export the same into Excel via CSV files.

Hole tables are a useful means of defining the size and location of a hole. A hole table works much like a software spreadsheet. Holes are represented as rows in the table and dimensions and other properties of the holes as columns. Circles, points, blocks (with or without attributes) can be represented in a hole-table.

A hole-table is a list of coordinates of a 'hole' in a sheet metal that serves as a guide for punching operations. Typical properties that can be captured in the hole-table are X & Y coordinates, diameter (for circular holes), block names and optionally attribute values.

The hole-table information can be created a table and also written to a CSV file.

Related command: CP_BOM ( CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Create Bill of Materials/Quantities): You can use the CP_BOM command to directly import a hole-table CSV file from Excel using the 'Import Table only' option.

2. Improved command: CP_CALCAREA: (CADPower-> Polyline-> Inquiry Statistics-> Compute summed areas of closed polylines):

This command has been significantly enhanced. The following are the new features:

- It is now possible to control whether the area units suffix string is added or not to the annotation
- It is now possible to create a table of the centroidal areas, along with the geometric coordinates of the area
- It is now possible to export the area centroidal coordinates as well as the area of the polygon into Excel via a CSV file.
- The polygons are now automatically numbered so that it is easier to track the polygons in the table and the CSV export file.
- Two new area representation units are supported. 'Cents' and 'Kattah'. Both these units are used in India. While 'cents' is the common unit of measurement in coastal Karnataka and Kerala, 'Kattah' is used extensively in the state of West Bengal.

100 cents = 1 acre
1 Kattah = 720 sq.ft

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