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August 16, 2015
Bengaluru, India

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*** CADPower V 16.05 Update released. What's New, What's Changed?

1. New command added: CP_DATAMAN (CADPower -> Build -> Data Manager): The CP_DATAMAN command is used to define a simple XDATA based database which operates entirely inside your CAD drawing. All data is stored in XDATA attached to entities and the database definition is provided in a simple INI file.

A sample structure of the INI file looks like this. Explanation about the syntax is provided after each section.

FIELD=Weight per m,Real,1000.0
FIELD=Cost per m,Real,500.0

The [*RECORD]....[*RECORD_END] section defines the database strcture. It is defined with lines having <Parameter>=<Value> syntax.

The 'Name' parameter specifies the database name (or the XDATA application name).

The 'Type' parameter indicates the type of database. In this case, it is 'XDATA'. In future, additional database types like 'ATTRIBUTES' etc will be introduced.

Values=ISMB 200
Values=ISMB 300
Values=ISMC 400

The [*FIELD_VALUES]....[*FIELD_VALUES_END] section defines the fields structure. This is also defined with <Parameter>=<Value> syntax.

The 'Name' parameter specifies the Field Name.

The 'Values' parameter defines the commonly used values for the field. These will appear in a pull-down menu when the CP_DATAMAN command is run.

There will be multiple [*FIELD_VALUES] section in the INI file, as many as the number of fields. However, it is not mandatory to define the [*FIELD_VALUES]. If this section is not defined for a field, there will be no pull-down menu options while entering data for the field.

A sample INI file to define the above data structure in included in the installation. It is available in the SUPPORT folder in the CADPower installation folder.

2. New command added: CP_LINEQTY (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Compute linear quantities): The CP_LINEQTY command creates a quantity summary using physical length, wieght/unit lengh and cost/unit length as the primary parameters.

All data required for the output comes from XDATA attached to the entity. The entity can hold additional data also as defined in the INI file, which is created/edited using the using the CP_DATAMAN command.

3. New command added: CP_INIEDITOR (CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> File Management-> INI Editor): The CP_INIEDITOR command is used to edit INI files used by various CADPower commands. While some of the commands have a built-in access to an 'Edit' button, mny don't. If you need to edit an INI file, you can use this tool.

4. New command added: CP_PATTERNPLACER: (CADPower -> Draw -> Symbology -> Pattern Placer): The CP_PATTERNPLACER command is used to arrange a pattern inside a polygonal boundary in a row-wise manner. The command works with blocks. You must first create a block that represents one motif of the repeating pattern. The motif must be drawn in a direction facing the CAD 0 degree direction (east) and the insertion point must be at the left hand center of the motif.

The 0 degree direction of the motif becomes the flow direction when the pattern is generated on a repeated basis along the row.

An X and Y offset is specified to denote where the next row will be positioned (alignment with reference to the adjacent row).

Another distance parameter indicates the distance between the two motifs along the row.

5. New maintenance command added (BricsCAD only): The CP_ENVSET command is used to offer a clean user-interface in BricsCAD when moving from one workspace to another.

BricsCAD has introduced certain defaults and pre-sets in the user-interface when the Mechanical and BIM workspaces are activated. For example, the BIM workspace hides the command line and the Mechanical workspace hides the pull-down menu completely. Some of the common drafting toolbars are not visible as well. In addition, any custom partial menu that is attached (like GeoTools & CADPower) switches on all toolbars automatically when workspaces are switched. The CP_ENVSET command offers a clean and consistent environment when the workspaces are switched. This is based on user-feedback we obtained from majority users in India.

The following are some of the preset operations done by CP_ENVSET:

- Pull-down menu bar is switched on
- GeoTools & CADPower toolbars are hidden and not displayed
- 'Entity Properties', 'Workspaces' and 'View' toolbar are switched ON
- The CommandLine is switched on

Based on feedback, we have identified these as some of the commonly required look-and-feel users expect upon workspace change. We are keen to hear from our users if they require anything more, less or different.

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