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February 11, 2015
Bangalore, India

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CADPower is a general purpose productivity tool for .dwg CAD. Here is a roundup of new features added in the past few days.

*** Important note for AutoCAD 2011 users of GeoTools and CADPower

Many of our GeoTools and CADPower users having been facing an unexplained crash while booting AutoCAD 2011.

There is a known (but unsolved) bug in the 2011 platform that affects some builds of AutoCAD 2011, Map 2011 and Civil 3D 2011 that causes GeoTools and CADPower to crash as soon as they read the license file. It works fine in all other versions of AutoCAD as well as in some builds of AutoCAD 2011 itself. It could also be some play of operating system versions, service packs etc. Strangely, it also works perfectly when running in evaluation mode, without the license file. This means that the process of reading the license file causes AutoCAD to become unstable and crash.

Finally, I have a workaround for this problem, if not a full solution.

The workaround is to disable auto-loading of GeoTools and CADPower when AutoCAD starts. You do this by ensuring that the acad.lsp is renamed to something else, say ACAD_CP.LSP & ACAD_GT.LSP.

This will ensure AutoCAD starts without GeoTools/CADPower. After it has initialized, load it manually by running the renamed lsp file. This will start and initialize GeoTools and/or CADPower without causing AutoCAD to crash.

If you know a little bit of Lisp, you can copy the contents of both the acad.lsp for CADPower and GeoTools into a single LSP and run it manually.

To make this process easier, you can call the new load statements via a menu, a toolbar item or a keyboard macro.

I hope this helps to ensure that you are running GeoTools & CADPower without much difficulty.

Let me know how it goes and if you need any assistance. I will be most willing to help.

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