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January 26, 2015
Bangalore, India

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CADPower is a general purpose productivity tool for .dwg CAD. Here is a roundup of new features added in the past few days.

*** New additions in CADPower

** CADPower V 15.17

- New command added: CP_RECTLB (CADPower -> Draw -> Geometry -> Rectangle with dimensions): The CP_RECTLB command creates a rectangle and places a 'Length' X 'Breadth' annotation inside it. You can specify a primary drawing unit as well as additional alternate units and have the annotation appear in either one or both units. This is a 'quick and dirty tool' to draw and place measurements on rectangular spaces in m, mm, cm, ft, inches, yards or combinations of any of these two units to create a multi-units dimension. Additionally, options exist to annotate imperial units in the style 6' 6" or as 6.5 ft. This is a handy tool for architects and engineers.

- New command added: CP_MARKLEVELS (CADPower -> Annotation -> Mark levels above-or-below a selected datum): The CP_MARKLEVELS command is used to do ordinate dimension labelling using simple text objects. You are asked to specify a datum point. All other picked points are annotated with text representing height relative to the datum height. This is a very quick and handy tool to specify the height levels in geographic, piping or other machine drawings where heights need to be shown for purpose of assembly etc. There is also an option to change the annotation label units and display the levels in another unit. Supported units are mm, cm, m, in, ft and yards.

- New command added: CP_UNITCONV (CADPower-> Conversion-> Units change): The CP_UNITCONV command converts (scales) entities from one unit to another. Use this command to convert an etnire drawing or parts of drawing created in one units to another. The following units are supported: mm, cm, m, in, ft & yards.

- Enhancemnt: (CP_LENTEXT: CADPower -> Annotation -> Create/update length annotation): The CP_LENTEXt command has been enhanced. It is now possible to simply pick two points on the drawing and create a distance annotation between them. The earlier method of picking existing entities also is available. The two point pick is enabled by pressing ENTER when asked to select an entitiy to do distance annotation.

Additionally, CP_LENTEXT now offers a number of pre-set distance converters based on commonly used units like mm, cm, in, ft and yards.

- Regression bug fix: CP_ATTEXT (CADPower -> Blocks -> Attribute-related -> Extract Block attributes to file): This command was broken and has been fixed.

- Regression bug fix: CP_MVOFFSET (CADPower -> Build -> Offset -> Mulitple Variable Polyline segment offset): This command was broken and has been fixed.

- Enhancement: CP_TILEPLACE (Menu: CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Place tiles / XY sized panels): It is now possible to use attributes in blocks which server ads image maps.

- Bug fix: CADPower for BricsCAD Classic has some fixes in place. The program will no longer cause a startup freeze in BricsCAD V15 when trying to load Express Tools and LoftX.dll. An auto-dectect mechanism has been put in place.

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