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March 24, 2014
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today:

- CADPower V 14.27

- New command added: CP_IMAGEPOLYCLIP (CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> CAD Procedures -> Clip an image along a boundary polygon): The CP_IMAGEPOLYCLIP command is used to clip an image within a closed polygon or a linear open boundary. The CP_IMAGEPOLYCLIP eliminates the need to use the IMAGECLIP command and tediously enter the polygon coordinates by picking with entity snapping. If you already have your polygon defined, you can constrain your image within it by accurately clipping it using this command. For this command to work correctly, the image must be originally unclipped.

- New command added: CP_IMAGETRIM (CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> CAD Procedures -> Trim an image along a boundary line): The CP_IMAGETRIM command allows an image to be trimmed along an open boundary edge. Effectively, it is a tool that will clip and mask off the image that is on the clipping side of the trim boundary.

- New command added: CP_LINEEQ (CADPower -> Draw -> Geometry -> Equation of a Line): The CP_LINEEQ command is for your kids, or for a one-off mathematical task. It plots the equation of a line as per the formula y=mX + B. You have to specify the values for the constants M and B, the start and end limits for your X values, and an increment value for X. The equation of the line is plotted as a polyline, and is labeled with the equation parameters y=mx + b.

- New command added: CP_LINE2XLINE (CADPower -> Conversion-> Lines/Polyline/Arc/Splines-> Line 2 XLINE): The CP_LINE2XLINE is a quick tool to define an XLINE along an existing line entity.

- New command added: CP_FINDHND (CADPower -> Inquiry -> Search entities via handles): The CP_FINDHND command is an investigation tool. Just enter some handle names and this command will search entities matching those handles and highlight them for you. You can even zoom to the searched handles one by one. Multiple handles can be entered separated by commas and zoomed to one by one.

- Fixes: The CP_TXTSLIDE command (CADPower -> Text -> Editing -> Slide (move) text relative to its rotation angle) was crashing upon startup. This has been fixed now.

- Fixes: The CP_ETXRUDER command (CADPower -> Build -> Easy solids extruder) was crashing upon startup. This has been fixed now.

- GeoTools V 14.27

- New commands added to import GML (Geographic Markup Language) files:

- GT_EXTRACTGMLFEATURES (GeoTools -> Export -> Extract individual GML features from GML file): The GT_EXTACTGMLFEATURES command takes the master GML file and splits it into individual GML files - one per feature. This makes managing GML data easier, which are often hundreds of megabytes in size. The splitted GML files will be automatically stored in a sub-folder and have a name beginning with the feature name, and a .GML extension.

- GT_READGMLFEATURES (GeoTools -> Export -> Import a single GML feature from file): The GT_READGMLFEATURES command works on splitted GML files created by the GT_EXTRACTGMLFEATURES command, and import them into CAD creating point, line and polygon objects. The attribute data is atached as XDATA. There are options to read a single file, all files in the folder or read data feature-wise.

Best practice for GML import: First, run the GT_EXTRACTGMLFEATURES command and split your master GML file into individual feature files. Next, run the GT_READGMLFEATURES command and import each feature into CAD.

- Change in installation folder of GeoTools & CADPower (for BricsCAD only)

The default installation folder of GeoTools and CADPower have been changed from 'c:/Program Files (x86)/Coordinate Systems' to 'c:/Program Files/Four Dimension Technologies'. This has been made to consolidate all GeoTools and CADPower installs (for both AutoCAD and BricsCAD platforms) under one single default folder.

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