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November 25, 2013
Bangalore, India

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- GeoTools V 14.16

GeoTools 14.16 adds a new module called Geological/Mining

The Geological/Mining module will offer a set of CAD tools useful for geological and mining professionals. The need to create a separate section arose because many GeoTools users are in geology and mining space and have been carrying out their CAD tasks using the generic GeoTools. We now want to reward theese users with a module that specifically address their requirements, and help improve their productivity. This will be an additionally priced, optional module in GeoTools. All commands in this section will be prefixed with GEOL_. The price of this section will be revised periodically as we keep adding more tools. We launch with a price of US$25 per license.

We have launched this new section with two tools - Import bore-hole data & Tunnel Maker.

The GEOL_BOREHOLELOGGER command reads an ASCII file containing the X, Y, Z, Strike, Dip, Depth and additional information about a bore hole and plots the same in your drawing. The bore-holes can be created as POINT objects or as blocks (with or without attributes). If you wish to create blocks with attributes, they can be easily read from the ASCII file and populated into the block. The mapping of the ASCII columns to the attributes/geograhpic informaton is specified in the dialog box.

The bore-hole trace can be represented as simple 3d lines or as a 3DSOLID which is generated by sweeping a circular cross-section through the trace of the bore-hole.

The GEOL_TUNNELMAKER command creates a 3D model of a tunnel. The tunnel gemetry comes from ASCII files similar to the bore-hole data where the 3d coordinates are specified in a delimited file. The tunnel cross section can be either circle, rectangle or a custom shape.

- GeoTools & CADPower V 14.16 Update

A new option to control the re-loading of the CUI has been added to the general settings dialog.

See under GeoTools->Settings (commandline: GT_GENSET) & CADPower->Settings (commandline: CP_GENSET)

Force reload of CUI at startup: If you force a reload of CUI at startup, you will be guaranteed to be looking at the latest CUI at all times. However, this causes a flicker and a slighly longer load time. In AutoCAD, this may also cause all the toolbars to open each time you start AutoCAD. If you want to prevent any of these, you can now control the startup behavior.

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