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August 19, 2013
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today:

  • GeoTools & CADPower V 14.10 update:
  • CADPower Tutorials updated.
  • CP_CHCHASE command - bug fix
  • CP_CONS_TXT commanbd improved
  • CO_CONNECTBOCKS command - bug fix
  • Fixes to command parameters save/restore in registry.

*** News in detail:

- GeoTools & CADPower V 14.10 update

In CADPower V 14.10 update, we have updated the CADPower tutorials completely to reflect the new command menu structure, tools and commands.

We present a completely new set of 11 updated tutorials which have been updated:

Lesson 1 - Polyline and Annotation Tools

Lesson 2 - Polyline Editing and Build Tools

Lesson 3 - Block and Conversion Tools

Lesson 4 - Text Tools

Lesson 5 - Inquiry Tools

Lesson 6 - Annotation Tools

Lesson 7 - Conversion Tools

Lesson 8 - Polyline, Block and Text Tools

Lesson 9 - Block Tools for Exporting and Editing Attributes

Lesson 10 - Block / Attributes Editing and Modifying Tools

Lesson 11 - Text Tools

We recommend that new users of CADPower go through the tutorials so as to gain a complete and comprehensive understanding of the tools in one go.

- Bug fix: CP_CONNECTBOCKS: 'CADPower -> Blocks -> Block Related -> Connect bocks based on attribute values': If the attribute tag name was incorrectly specified, the command would crash. This has been fixed now. Additionally, you can specify multiple attribute tag names separated by commas. This means that you can now connect multiple attribute names across blocks using this command.

- Bug fix: 'CADPower -> Text -> Conversion -> Change Case': The CP_ChCase command was not converting the 'Title Case' od under-lined text. This has been fixed now.

- Enhancement: CP_CONS_TXT : CADPower -> Text -> Editing -> Consolidate text into Mtext : The CP_CONS_TXT command now gives you an option to delete the original text objects after consolidatng the same into a MTEXT object.

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