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August 8, 2013
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today:

 - GeoTools & CADPower V 14.08 update: Many small yet significant fixes.

 - GT_CONTLABEL command improved

 - GeoTools & CADPower Grand Discount Anniversary promotion offer - $99 only

*** News in detail:

- GeoTools & CADPower V 14.08 update

Starting with the 14.08 update now, we will release a number of maintenance patches over the next 8-12 weeks fixing many small but significant issues and improve usability and productivity.

This is a major streamlining exercise to ensure that all commands behave consistently and predictably.

The first step is to ensure that all commands 'remember' their settings and restore them in the next CAD session. This was already happening with many of the commands (especially older ones) but not with many newer commands. It is our goal to bring about 100% data persistency ensuring that all operating parameters are restored to last used value in the next session of CAD.

- The 'GeoTools->Annotation->Label contour polylines' GT_CONTLABEL command now has additional position options for text placement. You can now position text above or below the contour line, along or perpendicular, upright or aligned. All the text options available in the GT_SEGLABEL command are now available in GT_CONTLABEL also.

- GeoTools & CADPower Grand Discount Anniversary promotion offer - $99 only

The 99$ GeoTools special offer continues but the 'cut-off' last date will be announced soon in one of the upcoming newsletters.

To summarize, you get GeoTools for 99$ and CADPower for $39 more.

Offer valid on AutoCAD and BricsCAD versions - English, Spanish and German.

Multiple licenses: 5 or more licenses get an additional 10% discount.

Terms and conditions :

This offer is valid for purchase through all payment methods shown on our web-site. If you are paying via bank wire, please remember to pay the bank fees separately. Incoming remittances with transfer fees deducted will not be processed until the shortfall is paid.
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