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May 30, 2013
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today:

  • - GeoTools & CADPower V14.03 Released, runs on AutoCAD 2014 also.

  • - Change in my email address

    For those of you in email contact with me, please note that one of my older email ID: 'rakesh.rao(at)' is no longer valid and not accessible to me because of a change in our ISP policies. If you still have this address in your addressbook, please remove it and use 'rakesh.rao(at)' as my contact address.


*** News in detail:

- GeoTools & CADPower V14.03 released, AutoCAD 2014 compatible version.

In AutoCAD 2014, new measures have been implemented to prevent malicious code (a.k.a viruses) from running without explicit user-permission. You will see additional warnings and permission requests when any LISP, ARX, DVB or a .NET dll is about to be loaded in AutoCAD 2014, unless it is in a pre-determined TRUSTEDPATHS location. This affects the loading of GeoTools and CADPower as well. Here is some background about the new procedures:

GeoTools and CADPower use a main VLX file (GeoTools.VLX/CADPower.VLX) , a loader LSP file (GT_Load.lsp/CP_Load.lsp) and the doslib ARX file (doslib19.arx/doslib19x64.arx) as its main executable components that need to be loaded. Each one of these need user-permission before they can be loaded in 2014. You will need to explicitly click on 'Load' button each time to load the app. If you want to avoid doing this, you need to specify the GeoTools and CADPower installation folder as a 'trusted folder'. You do this by following the steps outlined below:

  • Start the OPTIONS command, and select the profile under which your app is running.
  • Click the Files tab.
  • Click the [+] to the left of Trusted Locations.
  • Click the Add button, browse to the folder where you have installed GeoTools, and click Ok.
  • If you receive an alert (about Read-Only), click [Continue].
  • Click [OK] to close the Options dialog.

The above procedure simply modifies the TRUSTEDPATHS system variable and adds the GeoTools/CADPower installation folder path into the TRUSTEDPATHS folder.

There is another quicker, back-door method to suppress these warnings, and that is by setting the SECURELOAD system variable to 0. This makes AutoCAD run like older versions and no security warnings are issued. Autodesk does not recommend that you defeat the whole purpose of additional security by doing this.

Here is an excerpt from an Autodesk document that lists a set of best practice guidelines about setting up AutoCAD 2014 for third-party apps.

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