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March 29, 2013
Bangalore, India

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GeoTools & CADPower V14 Releasing soon

We are pleased to announce the release of GeoTools and CADPower V14 very soon, perhaps as early as next week. This is a pre-release announcement.

There are a few things different with V14. Firstly, this is a numbered major release that is not timed with the next release of AutoCAD. In other words, the GeoTools-CADPower V14 release is not yet compatible with the just-released AutoCAD 2014 version. GeoTools and CADPower V14 will eventually run on the next generation AutoCAD 2014 during its life-cycle but that will not be happening as on the day of its release. However, the V14 release is an immensely important release for us as well as our customers as we have added a large number of new features in our products, not seen in V13.

The most significant number of improvements and new features are In GeoTools. The new Geo-Location and KML export features in GeoTools V14 (as well as the new AutoCAD 2014) signifies the growing use of geo-located data in CAD, not just by the GIS industry but by the general CAD community as well. This is one user feedback we received throughout last year as Google KML gained significant popularity.

In GeoTools V14, a completely new section called GeoTools->Geographic has been added, in which we have provided the long-awaited and most asked Coordinate Conversion tools. This tool allows conversion between various projection systems to geographic (Lat-Long) coordinates and vice-versa.

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Recognizing the growing use of KML and KMZ files in Google Maps and Google Earth, we added a comprehensive DWG2KML export. The reverse converter KML2DWG is also planned in the near future during the life-cycle of GeoTools V14.

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With the ability to tag photos geographically using smart phones, cameras and tablets, we had users asking for geo-tagged photos to be geo-referenced and imported into CAD. GeoTools now has this ability. Read more:

As a byproduct of this development, you can now attach GeoTIFF images using the GT_GEO_INS command in GeoTools V14. You do not need TIFF files to be accompanied by world files. A GeoTiff is recognized by GeoTools now. In CADPower V14, under the Miscellaneous tools section, we added a utility to examine EXIF meta-data from images and other files and display them in your drawing or export to EXIF report files.

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Mechanical & Construction Engineering professionals have something new to look forward to in CADPower V14. For the Steel Fabrication guys, we added a Steel section under the new Mechanical menu in which you can draw standard angles, channels, I, T and L beams from the steel tables. The Indian Standard Code of Practice for Steel Construction, which is based on BS codes, is provided as the database of parts.

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For the Design guys, we will be adding a section to draw hex bolts, nuts, washers, fasteners and so on. This is still in early beta and you should be able to see this in the early life-cycle of CADPower V14 later this year.

- GeoTools & CADPower Price Revision from V14

The current list price of GeoTools (USD 149/license) and CADPower (USD 124/license) remains the same only until we release GeoTools and CADPower V14. After that, the prices will be revised upwards. The increase in prices will be about 15% for GeoTools and about 10% for CADPower, and reflects the additional value these products offers.

The old and new price structure can be compared below:

New User license prices

GeoTools V14 (1-user license) : US$ 149 becomes US$ 169
GeoTools V14 (2-user license) : US$ 239 becomes US$ 289
GeoTools V14 (4-user license) : US$ 469 becomes US$ 559
GeoTools V14 (10-user license): US$ 789 becomes US$ 939
GeoTools V14 (20-user license): US$ 1489 becomes US$ 1779
GeoTools V14 (unlimited site license) : US$ 3789 becomes US$ 4539

CADPower V14 (1-user license) : US$ 124.0 becomes US$ 139
CADPower V14 (2-user license) : US$ 204.0 becomes US$ 219
CADPower V14 (4-user license) : US$ 399.0 becomes US$ 439
CADPower V14 (10-user license): US$ 679.0 becomes US$ 749
CADPower V14 (20-user license): US$ 1259.0 becomes US$ 1379
CADPower V14, unlimited site license : US$ 3219.0 becomes US$ 3539

Upgrade prices:

GeoTools V14, 1-user license upgrade from V13 : US$ 64 becomes US$ 79
GeoTools V14, 4-user license upgrade from V13 : US$ 179 becomes US$ 209
GeoTools V14, 10-user license upgrade from V13: US$ 299 becomes US$ 359
GeoTools V14, 20-user license upgrade from V13: US$ 599 becomes US$ 719
GeoTools V14, unlimited site license upgrade from V13 : US$ 1499 becomes US$ 1799

CADPower V14, 1-user license upgrade from V13 : US$ 54.0 becomes US$ 59
CADPower V14, 4-user license upgrade from V13 : US$ 149.0 becomes US$ 169
CADPower V14, 10-user license upgrade from V13 : US$ 249.0 becomes US$ 269
CADPower V14, 20-user license upgrade from V13 : US$ 489.0 becomes US$ 539
CADPower V14, unlimited site license upgrade from V13 : US$ 1259.0 becomes US$ 1389

If you want to buy GeoTools and CADPower at the existing prices, now is the time, before the release of V14. You will get an automatic FREE upgrade to V14 when it is release in the next week or so.

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Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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