GeoTools e-Newsletter # 331:


September 14, 2012
Bangalore, India

**** The Bricsys Annual International Conference will take place in Amsterdam on the 2nd and 3rd of October, 2012 at the Beurs van Berlage. If you wish to attend, do let me know immediately for an invitation. In addition to the release and announcement of Bricscad v13, there is going to be quite a bit of other interesting news and announcements from Bricsys and their partners during this event.

**** GeoTools/CADPower price revision:

In other news from our end, we are revising the retail prices of GeoTools and CADPower software from October 1, 2012. There will be a 15% increase in prices of both software, to better reflect the value these two products bring to the CAD user. Development of new features continues and many new additions and improvements are planned in the coming months.

New license prices:

GeoTools V13 (1-user license) : US$ 149
GeoTools V13 (2-user license) : US$ 239
GeoTools V13 (4-user license) : US$ 469
GeoTools V13 (10-user license): US$ 789
GeoTools V13 (20-user license): US$ 1489
GeoTools V13 (unlimited site license) : US$ 3789

CADPower V13 (1-user license) : US$ 124.0
CADPower V13 (2-user license) : US$ 204.0
CADPower V13 (4-user license) : US$ 399.0
CADPower V13 (10-user license): US$ 679.0
CADPower V13 (20-user license): US$ 1259.0
CADPower V13, unlimited site license : US$ 3219.0

Upgrade prices:

GeoTools V13, 1-user license upgrade from V12 : US$ 64
GeoTools V13, 4-user license upgrade from V12 : US$ 179
GeoTools V13, 10-user license upgrade from V12: US$ 299
GeoTools V13, 20-user license upgrade from V12: US$ 599
GeoTools V13, unlimited site license upgrade from V12 : US$ 1499

CADPower V13, 1-user license upgrade from V12 : US$ 54.0
CADPower V13, 4-user license upgrade from V12 : US$ 149.0
CADPower V13, 10-user license upgrade from V12 : US$ 249.0
CADPower V13, 20-user license upgrade from V12 : US$ 489.0
CADPower V13, unlimited site license upgrade from V12 : US$ 1259.0

If you wish to avail of the existing prices, you still have 2 weeks to decide and make your purchase.

*** GeoTools/CADPower V 13.07 update:

** New command added : CP_ATTREORDER (CADPower -> Block Tools -> Attribute-related -> Re-order attributes in a block): The CP_ATTREORDER command is used to reorder attributes in a block. This command offers functionality that is similar to the BATTMAN command of AutoCAD. CP_ATTREORDER command is significant as it makes the attribute re-ordering functionality available for Bricscad users also. In addition, CP_ATTREORDER also allows re-ordering of ATTDEF objects in a block DWG. This is something that is not possible with BATTMAN. BATTMAN requires that the block be first inserted in the current drawing and then the attributes re-ordered. CP_ATTREORDER allows re-ordering of attribute definition at the ATTDEF level also.

Please be aware that CP_ATTREORDER will only re-order the attributes in the block definition. This will come into effect only on future insertions of the block. If you want to update and synchronize the existing instances of blocks with the new attribute order, you must run the CP_REPBLK command and replace each block with the new definition. This does not affect any values assigned to attributes in each block.

** New command added : CP_FILEMAN (CADPower -> Miscellaneous Tools -> File Management -> File Manager): The CP_FILEMAN command provides an easy interface to copy, move, erase, touch and count your files.

** Bug Fix: CP_XP_ATT (CADPower -> Block Tools -> Block-related -> Explode blocks-retain attributes as text): There was a regression bug in this command which caused incorrect selection of blocks when manual selection was used. This has now been fixed. In Bricscad, the CP_XP_ATT command is also available as the BURST command.

** Bug fix: CP_EXPLODE2LAYER (CADPower -> Block-related -> Explode blocks to a specified layer): There was a regression bug in this command which has now been fixed.

** Enhancement: CP_MREDEFINE (CADPower -> Block-related -> Multiple Redefine Blocks - Lyr/Clr): New selection options have been provided for the layer and color properties. They may be selected from dialog boxes now.

** Enhancement: GT_XD2OD (GeoTools -> AutoCAD Map Tools -> Convert Xdata to Object Data [generic tool]): We added this command in the last update 13.06 of GeoTools. This has now been updated and allows you to save and restore the Xd-to-OD parameters from INI files thereby saving the trouble of having to setup the mapping parameters each time. Additionally, a new command called GT_XD2OD_BAT now allows the command to run entirely in un-attended batch mode once you have created the mapping parameters INI file.

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