GeoTools e-Newsletter # 322:


March 21, 2012
Bangalore, India

We have released an update V 12.24 of both GeoTools and CADPower today. This fixes minor internal glitches, inconsistent behaviour and any crash or freeze you may have experienced while using multiple-data view dialogs.

*** CADPower V 12.24 update:

** CP_EASYATT command enhanced:

Menu Location: CADPower -> Blocks -> Attribute-related -> Multiple- Choice Attribute Editor

The CP_EASYATT command now supports multiple blocks based on a wildcard match criteria. Until now, you could only specify one block name for processing and only that block could be processed using the multiple attribute choices and color/layer classification. Now, you can specify a wildcard search pattern for block names and process multiple blocks in one go. You will still have to select one block which will serve as a template. The attribute structure (and the multiple choices) will be processed as per the template block.

For the actual processing and selection, any block matching the wildcard will be processed with the expectation that each one of them have attributes similarly named as the template block.

For example, if your drawing has blocks named FP_300x300, FP_450x450, FP_600x500 and so on, you now need to select one of them as a template. But, you can select all of them for processing by specifying a wildcard "FP_*"

This option vastly improves the productivity of the commaand as most users use multiple blocks with similar names.

*** General improvements in GeoTools and CADPower:

The functioning of the commands which control the toolbar visibility (ON/OFF) have been fixed in all builds of CADPower and GeoTools in all the languages : EN, ES, DE, both for AutoCAD and Bricscad.

*** More info:


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GeoTools for Bricscad:

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Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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