GeoTools e-Newsletter # 313:


November 2, 2011
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 12.18 update:

** Enhanced command: GT_TXTSLIDE (GeoTools -> Text Tools -> Slide text relative to its rotation angle): A new option called 'Interactive' has been added in this command. With the interactive option, you can pick individial text objects and move them along and in a direction perpendicular to its rotation angle. The existing, old method is now called 'Automatic' and works on multiple text objects and you can slide them by proividing a fixed slide distance and rotation angle.

** Enhanced command: GT_CHCASE (GeoTools -> Text Tools -> Change Case): The GT_CHCASE command now works on text which are contained within the dimensions also.

** Bug Fix: CH_ANNOGRID (GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Create Map Grid):The GT_ANNOGRID command would produce unexpected snapping of tick marks if there were pre-existing OSNAP modes. This has now been fixed.

** Upcoming command: GT_SLOPEDISPLAY (GeoTools -> Civil Tools-> Display color-coded slopes of TIN triangles): Watch out this space for more info. Look at a preview of the work-in-progress of this command in this version.

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