GeoTools e-Newsletter # 310:


September 22, 2011
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 12.16 update:

** Enhanced command: GT_SEGLABEL (GeoTools -> Annotation Tools -> Label polyline segments): The GT_SEGLABEL command now has a new option to do bearing annotations. It is the degree-minute-second format in the style D°M'S" and is preceeded by a N and succeeded by a E or W depending on whether you are in the 0-180 or 180-360 bearing zone.

** Bug Fix : GT_SPL2PL (GeoTools -> Conversion Tools -> Convert splines to polylines): The GT_SPL2PL command would fail in Windows Vista and Windows 7 if the User Account Control was On and the DXF method was invoked. This is because the command was attempting to create a temp file in the C:\ folder. This has now been fixed and the temp file creation is now done in the Windows TEMP folder where the permissions automatically exist.

** Bug Fix : GT_IMPORT2DM (GeoTools -> Miscellaneous Tools -> Import 2DM files as 3dface objects): The GT_IMPORT2DM command had a small bug which caused a spike (due to wrong coordinates reading) during the processing of points whose records number was 1. This has now been fixed.

** Enhancement: The German version of GeoTools V 12.16 now implements the ribbonized interface completely in German with all translations completed.

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Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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