GeoTools e-Newsletter # 306:


August 28, 2011
Bangalore, India

This newsletter carries a testomonial from one of our long-standing GeoTools users, "Optus Telecom and their contractors".

Optus Telecom, Australia likes, endorses and recommends GeoTools for AutoCAD & Bricscad for their Survey / Drafting sub-contractors.

Optus Telecom is a leading provider of telecom services in Australia. They, along with their sub-contractors have been a user of GeoTools software for AutoCAD for many years. Recently, they switched over to dual-CAD platform use and now use .DWG-compatible Bricscad software along with AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map. GeoTools is used by Optus and their contractors both on AutoCAD and Bricscad.

Having been one of the power users of GeoTools, Optus and Four Dimension Technologies /Coordinate Systems have had a very close relationship. We thank Optus for some really valuable feedback and ideas which have resulted in some major enhancements, new commands and fixes in GeoTools. This has helped to grow GeoTools and make it a robust application that it is today.

Ray Moran, Manager (Network Records), Optus Australia has this to say: "I am happy to approve a public recommendation. Optus endorses the use of AutoCAD/Bricscad 3rd party productivity tools such as GeoTools for our Survey/Drafting Contractors. We constantly look at ways to make it more efficient for contractors to draft network design drawings thatmeet our Company CAD Standards. Time and again, we find that GeoTools provides functions that meet those requirements to create and update drawings. Usually the function we want is available in GeoTools. On occasions where we can’t find a function that we feel would be beneficial to ourselves and the CAD community in general, we send a request to the folks at Four Dimension Technologies and these useful CAD functions are created and included in the next release."

"We use most functions in Extended Entity Data section and the AutoCAD Map tools. These tools help greatly where we get data from various GIS or GPS datasources. We have to clean up this data ready and convert it to Xdata to enable us to import it into our Corporate GIS."

Other GeoTools Functions that our survey contractors use on a daily basis include:

· Import/Export Points and Lines : Import of GPS data

· Draw bounding box around selected object(s) : Select land parcels and place a boundary around them

· Change block layers/color based on attribute values : Show the installation state of a Rack on Floor Plan according to its attribute value (color fill)

· Convert Points/Text/Circles to Blocks/Shapes : convert circles representing power poles to Blocks

· Convert Object Table Data to Xdata : Required for Bricscad/AutoCAD users that don’t have Map 3D extension

· Create Text Labels from Object Data/extended entity data :

· Attributes to Xdata : GPS data provides Blocks with Attributes we want Xdata

· Explode objects, Retain Object Table and extended entity data : GPS data creates Cable/Conduit Lines as Blocks with Attributes we want to Explode the Blocks and turn the Attributes into Xdata

· Search/Replace Attributes : general data clean up

Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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