GeoTools e-Newsletter # 304:


August 8, 2011
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 12.12 update:

*** New command added:

GT_DELETELAYOUTS : (GeoTools -> Miscellaneous Tools -> Delete paper-space layouts): The GT_DELETELAYOUTS command will present you with a list of all paper space layouts and you can select multiple layouts and delete them in one go.

** Enhanced command:

GT_PROFILE (GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Draw cross- sectional profiles): The GT_PROFILE command now accepts multiple 3d polylines for profiling. This will speed up profile generation when you want to generate mulitple cross-sections in one go.

** Enhanced command:

GT_TRIANGULATE (GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Create TIN (Delauney triangulation): The GT_TRIANGULATE command now allows you to specify the layer in which the TIN triangles are created.

** Enhanced command, renamed description :

GT_SET_Z_PL : GeoTools -> Drawing Cleanup -> 'Set all 0 elevation vertices to the nearest value' has been renamed as 'Set out-of-range elevation values to nearest valid elevation values'. The command name stays the same - GT_SET_Z_PL. In this new, enhanced mode, the command provides a dialog box interface and the option to specify an 'out-of-range' value. It need not be only 0.0 like before, any value can be specified as the 'out-of-range' limit and all values below it will be replaced with the nearest 'in-range' value. The change im the command description reflects this.

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