GeoTools e-Newsletter # 302:


July 28, 2011
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 12.10 update:

*** New command added: GT_TXTEVAL : (GeoTools -> Text Tools -> Apply arithmetic/statistical operations on text objects): The GT_TXTEVAL command allows you to select text objects representing numbers and apply a number of arithmetic or statictsical operations on them - like arithmetic/geometric/harmonic mean, median, mode, highest, lowest, summation, standard deviation etc. The result is reported on the screen as well as created as a text object. This command can work on values taken off block attributes as well.

** Enhanced command: GT_BATCHPROCESS (GeoTools -> Miscellaneous Tools -> Batch process multiple drawings with scripts): The GT_BATCHPROCESS command can now do a recursive search starting from the selected folder and all folders below it and will create a BATch file to process all the files in one go. The earlier method of selecting one folder and drawings within the folder is still available.

** Enhanced command : GT_PARTOFFSET (GeoTools -> Polyline Tool Set1 -> Offset part of a polyline) : This command now handles 3d polylines fully and the offsetted segment also is a 3d polyline. Earlier, partial offsets from a 3d polyline would result in a 2d polyline.

* Bug Fix: GT_QUERYPROC (GeoTools -> AutoCAD Map Tools -> Format text labels queried with 'Alter properties'): The GT_QUERYPROC command was not doing an offset of the queried labels by the specified amount in case of linear queried objects. This has now been fixed. Labels queried with 'Alter properties' Query in AutoCAD Map now can be fully controlled - justification, position, direction, XOffset, YOffset etc.

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