GeoTools e-Newsletter # 287:


May 10, 2011
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 12.01 update:

Two new commands added:

GT_EASYATTCLASS (GeoTools -> Block Tools -> Change block layers/color based on attribute values): The GT_EASYATTCLASS command changes the layer and/or color of the selected blocks based on the values of the attributes. The parameters required for this command, namely the values of attributes and the layer/color to be used, are set using the GT_EASYATT_SETUP command. The GT_EASYATT_SETUP command is now a common setup command for the GT_EASYATT command also.

For example, if you have an attribute called CONSTRUCTION_STAGE, and if the possible values are "InProgress", "Completed", "Demolished", you can change the blocks to go to their respective layers or have different colors depending on these values.

GT_DYNATTPLACE (GeoTools -> Block Tools -> Place blocks - position attributes interactively): Using this command, you can now place blocks with attributes and move the attribute positions interactively.

Bug fix/enhancement :

GT_INSVX (GeoTools -> Polyline Tools Set1 -> Insert Vertex): A bug has been fixed in the GT_INSVX command. The Z value of the new vertex location is now the correctly interpolated Z value of the nearest point on polyline. Earlier, all new inserted vertices would acquire an elevation of 0.0. This has been fixed.

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Simultaneous release of GeoTools V12 for Bricscad also. See
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