GeoTools e-Newsletter # 286:


April 15, 2011
Bangalore, India

Enhanced commands:

GeoTools V12, like always, adds new features throughout the year instead of a one-time new features release with the new version. Between GeoTools V12 and the last V11 update (i.e V 11.20), we made two significant enhancements. They are listed below:

GT_COMPAREBLKATTS (GeoTools -> Block Tools -> Compare Block attributes and create report): The GT_COMPAREBLKATTS command has been enhanced. Until now, it was only capable of creating a report of block names in the drawing having identical tag names. It can now create a report of block attributes that have similar block attribute values as well. In other words, if you need a report of block attributes with unique values (number of such occurences), this is the tools to use.

GT_DELVX (GeoTools -> Polyline ToolSet1 -> Delete Vertex) : & GT_DELVX (GeoTools -> Polyline ToolSet1 -> Delete Vertex) :

An 'Undo' option has now been added to both these commands which will allow you to undo each operation of vertex insert or delete without having to undo or redo the whole command.

(geo) (GeoTools -> Miscellaneous Tools -> More -> Enter geographical coordinates-Latitude,Longitude,Height): (geo) is a transparent function that can be used to input a geographic point. You can now input the latitude or longitude locational qualifiers like N, S, E and W following the value. For example, 55N 23 21, 25E 12 23,0.0 is now a valid input. N and E qualifiers are taken as positive coordinates, S and W qualifiers are taken as negative coordinates. Accordingly, the sign of the coordinates become positive or negative. Earlier, you had to specifically give a negative (-) sign in front of the value to denote the negative. This method is still supported.

GT_GEO_INS (GeoTools -> Miscellaneous Tools -> Insert a geo-referenced image): A bug has been fixed in this command which was causing a malfunction in the past few updates of GeoTools V11. Minor enhancements have been made in the default folder naming convention. The location for the 'World files' folder is now automatically set to the same folder where the image file was found. If your 'World Files' folder happens to be the same as the images folder, you just need to click on 'Ok' to the 'World files' folder dialog and proceed further.

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Simultaneous release of GeoTools V12 for Bricscad also. See for more info.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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