GeoTools e-Newsletter # 284:


April 13, 2011
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V12 is now shipping:

The twelfth numbered upgrade of GeoTools since 1999, GeoTools V12 is now shipping and available for download on our website.

GeoTools V12 upgrade is FREE for all GeoTools V11 users who have made the purchase on or after January 1, 2011. This also applies to all GeoTools upgrades from earlier versions of GeoTools made AFTER this date.

GeoTools V12 offers compatibility and runs with the yet-to-be-released AutoCAD 2012. It also runs on all vertical applications built on AutoCAD 2012. If you experience any problems with your setup, we will be glad to assist. The current release-version of GeoTools work best in the 'AutoCAD Classic' workspace of AutoCAD 2010/11/12. In workspaces other than 'AutoCAD classic', the GeoTools menu can be accessed by clicking on the AutoCAD icon at top left corner of the AutoCAD screen. GeoTools V12 is compatible with all lower versions of AutoCAD until AutoCAD 2004.

As announced earlier, the standard retail price of GeoTools has been revised with this version.

The current pricing structure is as follows:

Single user license: USD 219.0
2-User license: USD 359.00
4-user license: USD 689.00
10-user license: USD 1149.00
20-user license: USD 2199.00
Un-limited site license: USD 5500.00

There will be a change in GeoTools upgrade prices as well as shown below:

Single user license upgrade: USD 89.95
4-User license upgrade: USD 269.0
10-user license upgrade: USD 440.00
20-user license upgrade: USD 880.00
Un-limited site license upgrade: USD 2200.0

Exisitng GeoTools V11 users can place orders for upgrades at this URL:

The Spanish and German language versions of GeoTools also have been simultaneously updated with this current release.

Pick up this latest GeoTools V12 from:



Simultaneous release of GeoTools V12 for Bricscad also. See for more info.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

The URL for the GeoTools @ GoogleGroup is:

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