GeoTools e-Newsletter # 280:


March 14, 2011
Bangalore, India

First the good news:

In a SPECIAL promotion, valid ONLY until the release of GeoTools V12, we are offering ALL our pre-V10 users of GeoTools to move up to the current (latest) version of GeoTools at upgrade prices. Our standard policy is to offer upgrade prices only between the previous and current version of GeoTools. Which means, only V10 users would have qualified to pay for an upgrade and move to V11. All others would have needed a full purchase. This special offer makes it possible for even a V1 user to move to V11 by paying just the upgrade prices.

When will this offer end?

The special offer ends AS SOON AS GeoTools V12 is released. GeoTools V12 is ready for release and the official release could be any time after Autodesk officially releases AutoCAD 2012 (which is expected to be in the last week of March 2011).

The price to move to V11 would be as follows:

Single user : USD 79.95
4-user : USD 245.0
10-user : USD 400.0
20-user : USD 800.0
Unlimited site license : USD 2000

What do you have to do to avail this offer?

Simply send us proof of your purchase and the number of licenses you own. If you cannot fish out the necessary info, send us your name and company name (if applicable) and we will try to locate you in our database. After that, all you need to do is go to our online webstore and place an upgrade order.


The special offer price is valid only as a download-only order. In other words, we will not be shipping the GeoTools CD.

*** Change in GeoTools prices across all licenses from V12 ***

To cover development costs and support the ongoing growth of GeoTools software, we will be increasing the list price of GeoTools by a about 10 % from V12 onwards. This is the first time we are revising prices of GeoTools prices since October 15, 2008.

A single user license will then cost USD 219.0 instead of the present USD 199.0.

Similar revisions will be effected on all the multiple user licenses of GeoTools as well:

2-User license: USD 359.00 (Existing price: USD 329.00)
4-user license: USD 689.00 (Existing price: USD 629.00)
10-user license: USD 1149.00 (Existing price: USD 1049.00)
20-user license: USD 2199.00 (Existing price: USD 1999.00)
Un-limited site license: USD 5500.00 (Existing price: USD 5000.00)

There will be a change in GeoTools upgrade prices as well as shown below:

Single user license upgrade: USD 89.95 (Existing price: USD 79.95)
4-User license upgrade: USD 269.0 (Existing price: USD 245.0)
10-user license upgrade: USD 440.00 (Existing price: USD 400.00)
20-user license upgrade: USD 880.00 (Existing price: USD 800.00)
Un-limited site license upgrade: USD 2200.0 (Existing price: USD 2000.00)

If you have not made your GeoTools purchase yet, now is the best time to buy and avail the old prices.

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Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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