GeoTools e-Newsletter # 270:


January 10, 2011 Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 11.13 is a minor update released today.

--Common change in folder names and locations:

1. Some of the GeoTools commands (like GT_ANNOGRID) use supporting DWG files which used to be located in a common folder called 'BLOCKS' under the GeoTools installation folder. Anticipating that commands may need to use their own support files in the future, a new folder called "Support" has now been created under the GeoTools installation folder and all support files specific to each command will be placed in a folder by the name of that command.

For example, the support files used by GT_ANNOGRID will now be placed in <install_folder>/Support/ANNOGRID folder.

2. The GT_VEGLINE (Draw Tools -> Draw vegetation cover symbols) now offers 6 pre-defined PAR files which are useful to draw vegetation symbols for (T)rees, (S)hrubs and (H)edges, with scales of 1:200 and 1:500. The names of the files are HPOLY500.PAR, TPOLY500.PAR, SPOLY500.PAR, HPOLY200.PAR, TPOLY200.PAR and SPOLY200.PAR. You can use these files as a guide to set GT_VEGLINE parameters which are suggested best fits for the type of vegetation and the scales. If you don't like the parameters, feel free to save your own and retrieve later.

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