GeoTools e-Newsletter # 256:


July 29, 2010
Bangalore, India

I announced in one of my earlier posts, a special offer to allow all pre-GeoTools V10 users to upgrade to the latest version, GeoTools V11 by paying only the upgrade price of USD 79.95 per license. This offer was supposed to expire on July 31, 2010 and we are pleased to announce that it has been extended further until August 15, 2010.

** Reason for extension?

We are still in the process of reaching out to all our old clients accumulated over the past 10 years - many emails, contact points, companies etc have changed and the process is still on. Several upgrade orders are in the pipeline but not yet processed and completed, so we thought it is best to extend the validity of this offer by an additional 15 days to make it more easy and clear for all concerned.

***** GeoTools 11.06a update:

Minor update:

The GT_CALCAREA command (Inquiry Tools -> Compute summed areas of closed polylines): The GT_CALCAREA command now offers better reporting of objects that were ignored and not process. For example, open polylines are ignored from the selection by this command. Until now, this was just mentioned in a one-line report on the command line. Our user feedback indicated that this should have been more prominent and therefore the program now reports the number of open polylines NOT processed in a popup-alert box. We hope this is a useful and beneficial change to all out other GT_CALCAREA users as well.

English Users, Pick up this latest update 11 from:

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Simultaneous release of GeoTools V11 for Bricscad also. See
for more info.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback
at all times.
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