GeoTools e-Newsletter # 251:


G E O T O O L S N E W S L E T T E R # 251

May 13, 2010
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 11.04 update:

This update is unique and brings about some major changes to the wayyou work with object data in plain vanilla AutoCAD and Bricscad. It introduces three new FREEWARE commands which are aimed to make the task of AutoCAD Map object data editing possible even from within plain vanilla AutoCAD and Bricscad software.

Now, why are these commands FREEWARE and what does it mean?

Before we answer this question, some background info: Since 2008, the GeoTools prodcutivity tools have been available under the Bricscad Pro platform also. Since almost all Briscad users were AutoCAD users as well, we were asked a number of support questions relating to the way AutoCAD works with a request if the same could be done in Bricscad as well. Some of these were not technically possible in plain Bricscad and we created a number of A2B (AutoCAD to Bricscad) transition tools in GeoTools to help ease the switch from AutoCAD to Bricscad.

Eventually, these tools became popular with all Bricscad users and we decided to make it FREEWARE so that Bricscad users could benefit from using these tools forever without being forced to purchase GeoTools.

Today, we have added three new FREEWARE utilities to GeoTools for AutoCAD/Bricscad as described below:


Collectively, these three tools show you how to edit object data in
Bricscad or plain vanilla AutoCAD. So, these commands are useful for
GeoTools-AutoCAD users as much as for GeoTools-Bricscad users.

1. First step, run the GT_OD2XD4BRICSCAD (GeoTools -> AutoCAD Map Tools -> Bricscad/plain AutoCAD compatibility tools -> Convert Object Table Data to Xdata). This must be done in AutoCAD Map only and is disallowed in Bricscad or plain vanilla AutoCAD. This operation would copy the object data into extended entity data complete with the object table structure also. The user then saves the drawing in AutoCAD Map.

2. Second step, the drawing is opened in Bricscad or plain vanilla AutoCAD and the user runs the GT_BC_ODEDIT command (GeoTools -> AutoCAD Map Tools -> Bricscad/plain AutoCAD compatibility tools -> Edit object data from AutoCAD Map) This command will read the extended entity data and allow it to be
edited in a dialog-box based user-interface. This is the object data which was created by GT_OD2XD4BRICSCAD earlier, and will save it back as updated xdata in the DWG.

3. Third step, open the drawing in AutoCAD Map and run the GT_BC_XD2OD command which will read and transfer the xdata back into object data and then will optionally delete the xdata.

4. At the end of these three steps, you are able to edit object data without the need for AutoCAD Map. In other words, if you have one copy of AutoCAD Map, and the rest being Bricscad or plain vanilla AutoCAD, you can easily read/query/edit object data as though you had AutoCAD Map on each comnputer.

This has been a long-pending request from many of our users and we are happy to announce that this has been made possible and as a FREEWARE too.

We have tested this troika of commands at our end using some sample data. We would like you to test it at your end and please let me know any feedback (especially if it is a bug/malfunction) so that we can make these tools work even better for you.

The original set of 6 FREEWARE GeoTools routines in Bricscad are:

1. A2B Transition Tool # 1:GT_CONVERTPOLY : (GeoTools -> Conversion Tools -> Heavy-Weight-To-Light-Weight) ---and--- (GeoTools -> Conversion Tools -> Light-Weight-To-Heavy-Weight): GeoTools for Bricscad now has a new command, which is the equivalent of the AutoCAD CONVERTPOLY command. The GT_CONVERTPOLY command converts heavy-weight polylines to light-weight polyines and vice-versa. The GT_CONVERTPOLY command is a FREEWARE tool and will not expire in the evaluation version of GeoTools.

2. A2B Transition Tool # 2: GT_TORIENT : (GeoTools -> Text Tools -> TORIENT, Make text, mtext readable): The GT_TORIENT command is written specially for Bricscad users to make a multiple selection of text, mtext and block attributes upright (readable). It will flip over (rotate by 180 degrees) any text that is rotated between 90 and 180 degrees, thus making such text readable to the eye.

3. A2B Transition Tool # 3: GT_FILTER: (GeoTools -> Selection Tools -> Object selection filter): The GT_FILTER command provides exactly the same functionality that the FILTER command in AutoCAD provides.

4. A2B Transition Tool # 4: GT_TABLEEDIT: (GeoTools -> Miscelleanous Tools -> Table EDit/EXplode): You can breathe some life into AutoCAD TABLE objects after importing them in Bricscad. Either explode it or convert it into an attributed block.

5. A2B Transition Tool # 5: GT_APPLOAD: (GeoTools -> Application Loader and StartupSuite): Enhanced application loader with StartupSuite.

6. A2B Transition Tool # 6: GT_WBLOCKBC: (GeoTools-> Miscellaneous Tools -> WBLOCK and preserve AutoCAD Map object data): Now, open your AutoCAD Map drawings in Bricscad and WBLOCK parts of them without losing object data.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback
at all times.
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