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August 31, 2009
Bangalore, India

GeoTools 10.07 released:

New command added:

1. GT_TRIANGULATE : (Civil Tools - Create TIN (Delauney triangulation): The GT_TRIANGULATE command connects a set of points to form irregular triangles based on the TIN model

2. GT_WORKSPACESETUP: (More Options -> Workspace Setup): The GT_WORKSPACESETUP command runs only in AutoCAD versions 2008 and above. You can use this command to specify the default workspace that should be set when AutoCAD starts.

Background Info: All GeoTools commands are displayed either in pull- down menus or icon menus. In AutoCAD 2008 and above, if the current workspace is not 'AutoCAD Classic' (or 'Map Classic' in the case of AutoCAD Map), the GeoTools pull-down menu is not visible easily and can only be accessed via the menu browser located at the top left corner of the AutoCAD screen. This is neither convenient nor desired by most AutoCAD users. For this purpose, we have provided the GT_WORKSPACESETUP command that will allow to force the 'AutoCAD Classic' workspace to be made current each time AutoCAD and GeoTools start. Setting this option in this way makes the AutoCAD and GeoTools pull-down menus visible and can be a solution for users not finding theGeoTools amidst the new ribbon based interface of AutoCAD 2009 or 2010.

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