GeoTools e-Newsletter # 232:


August 4, 2009
Bangalore, India

GeoTools 10.04 released:

New command added:

1. GT_LENTEXT : (Annotation Tools - Create/update length annotation): The GT_LENTEXT command creates a length annotation. If you have a segment of a line or polyline, its length can be easily annotated as text using this command.

Often, the drawing units will be scaled and different from the real units. To accommodate this, it is possible to scale the length using a length modifier. You can add, subtract, multiple or divide the DWG length by a factor to create the exact annotation desired.

The GT_LENTEXT command joins and complements the existing set of various annotation routines available in GeoTools. This a 'quick an dirty' tool for rapid length annotations. Instead of creating new text annotation, it is also possible to pick existing text objects and have them updated with the new length annotation.

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