GeoTools e-Newsletter # 222:


G E O T O O L S N E W S L E T T E R # 222

January 30, 2009
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 9.19 has been released:

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1. GT_NODELINESNAP : (Drawing Cleanup menu - Linear and Node Snap): The GT_NODELINESNAP command has been enhanced. You can now have the
command mark all the points where the snapping will take place so that the results can be previewed and checked before accepting. Until now, the command would automatically snap the points and there was no way to know which points have been snapped and how they have been snapped. The new output control options - Mark, Mark & Snap, Snap without marking (the eralier method) would allow you better control to evaluate the results of snapping produced by this command. Your feedback is welcome.

2. GT_ZOOMTXT : (Text Tools - Zoom to Text) : The GT_ZOOMTXT has been enhanced to now serach and replace user-defined text within dimension objects as well, in addition to text, mtext and block attributes.

New command added:

GT_ENDELEVCHECK (Drawing Cleanu Menu - Check for coincident(XY) end-points): The GT_ENDELEVCHECK command is used to check the two end
points of linear objects like lines, polylines, splines and arcs to see if there are other linear objects whose either end-point is at the same XY but different Z location. This is a useful tool for many photogrammetric data capture situations where two or more lines at differing Z elevations need to be identified.

Important note: While all of GeoTools commands are tested quite extensively before they are released, it is humanly impossible to test-
run it under every different data type or operating environment. In the event that you notice any GeoTools command not functioning as expected, please bring it to our notice as soon as possible. We will attend to it and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Change in contact telephone number:

Our Bangalore office telephone number has changed. The old number +91-80-41625057 is NOT in operation anymore and the new telephone contact number is +91-80-41625057. Please update your records.

GeoTools V9 Special Offer:

Hot News this winter!! To celebrate our entry into the 10th year of business, Four Dimension Technologies announces a special anniversary offer on only the first 150 licenses of GeoTools for a steal deal price of USD 99.0 per license (usual price: USD 199/EUR 199). This one- time, limited period offer is valid on the English, Spanish and German versions of GeoTools for both the AutoCAD and Bricscad platforms.

Multiple license prices
There is no special multiple license pricing on this offer. If you want to purchase a 4-user license, you simply buy 4 numbers of a single user license. And, that would still be a more attractive buy that the prevailing price of a 4-user license.

Un-limited licensing
This offer is not applicable for un-limited licensing. You have to buy a fixed number of licenses as per your requirements.

Upgrades for existing users
We do not have a special upgrade pricing for existing users. You can purchase a standard upgrade or acquire new licenses at the special price.

Terms and conditions
This offer is valid for purchase through all payment methods shown on
our web-site.

How to buy?

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Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback
at all times.
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