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G E O T O O L S N E W S L E T T E R # 189

October 14, 2007
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 8.08 Update:
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** New command added:

GT_DATESTAMP (Text Menu -> Create Date/Drawing Stamp):

The GT_DATESTAMP command is a quick tool to create a date stamp or drawing name stamp as a text object.

The date format is user-defined and can be chosen from a set of standard date styles. The drawing name can be created with or without path and this can be user-configured as well.

GT_TUBE command (Draw menu -> Tube): The GT_TUBE command is used to create a tube (hollow cylinder) in plan view.
It is a paremetric program that creates two solid cylinders with specified outer diameter and inner diameter and coes a boolean subtract to create a hollow tube.

** Enhanced commands:

GT_MVOFFSET (Build Tools -> Multiple Variable Polyline Segmebnt Offset): This command has been significantly enhanced and bug fixed.

You can now start of multiple variable offset process from exactly the segment of polyline that you pick instead of from the first segment at all times. The program will also remember the segment offsets used at each segment, so you can revisit the segment using the Previous and Next options and adjust the offsets if you desire. You can also exit the command at any time without necessarily having to specify offsets for each and every segment in the polyline. So, the command has become much more user-friendly, forgiving and intuitive than before.

GT_REM_LINVERTS command (Drawing cleanup menu -> Weed (remove) colliear vertices from polyline): This comand now has an option to display the collinear vertices that were weeded out. This is a useful tool to perform a visual check to see which vertices got weeded out which ones remained.

GT_AUTOPAN command (Polyline ToolSet 3 -> Draw polyline with automatic edge-panning): Minor process enhancement: The program now reads the "polyline type to create" at the end of the digitization process rather than at the start. This ensures that any changes to settings during the digitizing is reflected at the end, just prior to actually creating the polyline.

GT_INOUTOFFSET command (Polyline ToolSet 3 -> Offset closed polylines INwards/OUTwards): More information messages added about the types of polylines that can be processed by this command.

GT_PL23DFACE command (Conversion Tools -> Convert polylines to 3d faces): More information messages added about the types of polylines (3 or 4 vertex) that can be processed by this command.

** Bugs fixed

GT_PLJOIN command (Polyline Tools -> Join 2d polylines):

The GT_PLJOIN command now filters the selection and uses only 2d polylines for the joining process.

In the earlier versions, if a 3d polyline was part of the selection, it would not be filtered and this would result in
an error and a crash while processing. This has been fixed now.

GT_PARTSTRETCH command (Build Tools - Stretch(extracted) part of polyline): Bugs fixed - especially the case when a closed polyline is picked and the last and first points are picked for stretch in that order.


Important note: While all of GeoTools commands are tested quite extensively before they are released, it is humanly impossible to test-run it under every different data type or operating environment. In the event that you notice any GeoTools command not functioning as expected, please bring it to our notice as soon as possible. We will attend to it and fix the problem as soon as possible.


Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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