GeoTools e-Newsletter # 7:


August 28, 2000

Four Dimension Technologies unveils new pricing structure for GeoTools and Specialist series of products. Under this new
scheme, we allow incremental upgrading of your software and licensing by only paying the difference between the price that
you have paid for a limited license price and the site license price in order to upgrade your installation to a site license.

For example, a user having a single copy of GeoTools would have paid US$ 99 for the first license. To upgrade to a site license
(which is priced US$ 699), he only needs to pay the difference of US$ 600. Similarly, a 4-user GeoTools client who initially
paid US$ 299 for 4 licenses would only pay US$ 400 (i.e 699-299) for an upgrade to site license.

This applies to our Specialist range of products also. For example, a single user Polyline Specialist (US$ 24.95) can upgrade to a site license (US$ 199) by paying only US$ 174.05 (199-24.95). All upgrades and custom purchases are now possible online. Please contact us and we will create an online screen for you to perform the secure online transaction.

We have extended our incremental upgrade scheme between products as well. Users owning any one or more of the Specialist products can now upgrade to GeoTools by simply paying the difference. So, a single user Polyline Specialist can go to single user GeoTools by paying US$ 99-24.95 = US$ 74.05

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and for pricing not mentioned in our website.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times. Your wish could become a command in our next GeoTools update.

GeoTools is now only US$ 99.00 - Online buy version from the Four Dimension Technologies e-store at:

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