GeoTools e-Newsletter # 6:


August 13, 2000

GeoTools Version 1.34 is now released and available for download from our website. In this new version, we have added two new
commands that we hope will be of great use to some of you.


The FACENORMAL command is under the Miscellaneous menu and allows you to control the face normals of 3dface objects. When 3dface objects are exported to other 3d CAD programs, the direction of the vertices of the 3dface matter. If the direction is clockwise, face normal is said to be pointing downwards and away from the 3dface plane otherwise it is pointing upwards and towards the viewpoint. The FACENORMAL command helps identify these and also to flip them or make them all point collectively towards a given reference elevation. The FACENORMAL command is a very handy pre-processing tool for those working with other 3D programs. This command can also be used to draw the face normal vectors of a given length.


The Globally Modify Blocks/Shapes command under the Blocks menu now has an added option by which blocks and shapes can now be rotated globally about any point other than just their own insertion point.

3. Coming up next in future versions of GeoTools - More AutoCAD Map tools for topology management - Editing tools for polyface meshes - Command to control rotation and scaling of block graphics and attributes seperately.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times. Your wish could become a command in our next GeoTools update.

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