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What's New in GeoTools V5 - V17
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What' new in GeoTools V17
( Includes all changes since the last update of GeoTools V16 [i.e. 16.19] )

GeoTools V17 is compatible with AutoCAD versions 2007-2017 and BricsCAD V16, V15 & V14.

This is the first version to be compatible with the AutoCAD 2017 platform products.

During the life-cycle of V16, we added and strengthened several new features like Google Earth integration, rubber-sheeting techniques, BOM/BOQ tools, Construction Grids, precision area and Excel import-export and several drafting shortcuts.

In V17, the focus is going to be on improving ease of use and product documentation. This year, I have resolved to create YouTube videos and tutorials to enable first time users to find and understand our tools easily. During the past 17 years that GeoTools & CADPower have been in existence, the only source of information to understand our product has been the online and CHM fuser manual. Today, the practice of reading user manuals is passe'. In the next 12 months, you will have every single GeoTools and CADPower command youtubed.

Apart from product communication and documentation, we will also strengthen Civil & Road Design tools significantly, offering customizable hooks to adapt to local design regulations. We will also continue to focus on improving operating efficiency in the AEC, mapping and geological CAD workflows.



New commands added in GeoTools V17


Commands Enhanced or changed

Improved command: GT_READGMLFEATURES (Menu: GeoTools -> Export -> Import a single GML feature from file):

The GT_READGMLFEATURES command has been improved significantly. It now offers the ability to extract points, lines and polygon geometry directly from GML files and create entities in the CAD platform. The earlier version of this tool would import features based on a feature name and an expected file structure. This new enhancement called 'Raw Import' ignores all features and attributes and brings in only the geometry. This feature ensures that you can now import geometry from all and any GML files without any pre-conditions of structure.

Additionally, the GT_READGMLFEATURES command also improves the interface and offers the choices for import in a easily selected popup menu.

The GML file format is still very touchy and you may have more variants of the same that we have not seen. Please send them across to us if you find this command not functioning as expected.

CADPower & GeoTools commands operating parameters to be stored in the dwg itself.

Until now, many of the CADPower & GeoTools commands store their operating parameters in the Windows registry and retrieve it when called the next time. Only one set of parameters were stored and it was not on a per drawing basis. Starting from V17, we have started the process of storing the operating parameters in the dwg itself. The advantage of this method is that parameters can be managed on a per drawing basis. This helps easily get back to the last used settings by each drawing. To prevent a conflict in the structure of the saved data, the software will read saved parameters only if it has been saved by the current version of CADPower or GeoTools in use. If you update your CADPower or GeoTools, the parameters saved by the earlier version will not be restored. This process of saving parameters on a per-drawing basis is an ongoing one and we expect all commands to be completed in about 3 months time.

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