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What's New in GeoTools V5 - V15
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What' new in GeoTools V15
( Includes all changes since the last update of GeoTools V14 [i.e. 14.30] )

GeoTools V15 is compatible with AutoCAD versions 2007-2015 and BricsCAD V14 and V13.


New commands added in GeoTools V15

GT_SLOPEDISPLAY (GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Color-coded slope display of TIN faces)

GT_FINDSLOPE (GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Find slope of a single 3dface or 3dpolyline)

GT_CMDHELP: GeoTools -> More Options -> Specific command help

GT_LASTCMDHELP: GeoTools -> More Options -> Display help for last command

GT_FIXUCS: GeoTools -> Polyline Tools -> Others -> Fix lines / polylines with different UCS

GT_KML2DWG: (GeoTools -> Geographic Tools -> KML2DWG (Google Import))

GT_GEIMPORTIMAGE: (GeoTools -> Geographical Tools -> Google Earth Image Import




Commands Enhanced or changed

GT_DRAPEPOLY: (GeoTools -> Build -> Drape a 3D polyline across a set of intersecting linear objects): Users were confused about what the source objects and target objects meant. I have attempted to remove this confusion by making the messaging clearer. Additionally, it is now possible to specify a 2d polyline as an object to be draped.

GT_BREAKX (GeoTools -> Drawing Cleanup -> Break crossing objects at ends): This command now accepts line objects as input, in addition to polylines.

GT_ROWMAKER: (GeoTools -> Build -> Make Right-of-Way/Pavements/Ramps): The GT_ROWMAKER command is now enabled in BricsCAD. It generates automatic offsets and rights-of-ways. This was not enabled in BricsCAD until now for technical reasons

GT_GENSET: (GeoTools -> Settings): A new general setting called 'Do Not Show User-Interface' has been added. Checking this option causes GeoTools to load without any menus or toolbars

GT_IDXYZ: (GeoTools -> Annotation -> Label points): Quiet a few new enhancements have been made in GT_IDXYZ command

  • A new option has been added to set the precision from within the command itself. It is no longer depended on the precision in the General Settings (GT_GENSET)

  • An option has been added to suppress trailing zeros.

  • An option has been added to specify a suffix after each co-ordinate. The suffix can be added once at the end of the annotation string or after each co-ordinate value.

GT_TOOLHIDE (GeoTools -> Settings -> Perform Show/Hide toolbars in all workspaces

GT_TOOLSHOW (GeoTools -> Settings -> Perform Show/Hide toolbars in all workspaces

GT_READGMLFEATURES: (GeoTools -> Export -> Import a single GML feature from file): The GT_READGMLFEATURES command now has an additional option at the beginning which allows you to disable the UNDO log and AUTOSAVE feature. This can reduce disk-swapping and improve improve overall performance while working with very large files.

GT_EXTRACTGMLFEATURES: (GeoTools -> Export -> Extract individual GML features from GML file): now has an additional option to create individual feature GML files in their own sub-folder. Earlier, all feature-wise extracted files from the master GML would go into one single folder. The ability to store their in their sub-folders make file management easier.

GT_GENSET: GeoTools -> Settings): The GT_GENSET command has been enhanced. Two new options have been added which will be implemented gradually through the software. The first one is called 'Beep on Error'. This setting allows a beep sound to be generated each time GeoTools encounters an error. The default is 'No Beep' and the function remains disabled unless you explicitly set it on and select a beep sound from one of six different beep tones.

The second new option is 'Enable voice mode for important messages/errors'. Checking this option activates Windows speech tools to speak out the important prompts, messages or error notifications. This tool may be useful for those experiencing difficulties in reading prompts on the command line or for those using the latest version of AutoCAD which makes it very difficult to read command-line prompts anyway.



Interface changes


Bug Fixes

GT_INSPHOTO: GeoTools -> Geographic -> Insert GeoTagged photo: There was a problem with the PHOTO-CIRCLE.dwg block supplied with GeoTools. It was a 2013 dwg format and could not be opened in earlier versions of AutoCAD. This has now been fixed, and the DWG is now shipped as a R2000 dwg.

Toolbar default display: Upon starting GeoTools for the first time, the toolbars are NOT automatically displayed now. You can show and hide individual toolbars using the 'GeoTools -> Toolbars & Flyouts' menu. The majority feedback we got was that the automatic switching on of all toolbars was not appreciated by many users.

Duplicate loading of pull-down menus: This has been fixed. Please do let me know if this problem persists on some displays.

GT_FLIP (GeoTools -> Polyline Tools -> Direction Control -> Flip (Reverse) direction): There was a bug which caused wrong results if a closed 2d polyline had a non-zero elevation. This has been fixed now.

GT_DELDUP (GeoTools -> Drawing Cleanup -> Delete Duplicate Objects) : A bug has been fixed in this command. Blocks with attributes are now correctly handled during duplicate detection.


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