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Licensing & Upgrade FAQs


How is CADPower licensing done?

CADPower licensing is done on a per-computer basis for a fixed-number-of-seats purchase and on a per-computer or AutoCAD serial numbers for un-limited seats license.


How does this work for me? What do I have to do?

After purchasing and installing CADPower, send us your computer application keys (obtained by typing ‘CP_AppKey’ on the AutoCAD/BricsCAD command line).

We will use this information to prepare a license file for you to enable you to use CADPower. Before you send us your application keys, please decide on the computer where you will be using CADPower. The license is not transferrable from one computer to another, except under certain circumstances (see below).

If you have purchased an un-limited seats site license, you can send us your AutoCAD serial number(s) instead of individual application keys of your computers.


What happens if I decide to migrate CADPower to another computer?

By definition, the CADPower license is not transferable. However, if there has been a computer system crash, or a hardware upgrade or a genuine re-configuration of your hardware resources requiring you to move your software to a new hardware, you can send us a request explaining your circumstances and we will be able to provide you with a replacement key.

New license keys as well a replacement key are delivered within 1 or 2 working days.


Do I get free updates of CADPower?

If you buy CADPower V15 today, all minor updates of CADPower V15 are absolutely free and downloadable from our web-site. You need to pay for an upgrade only when the next numbered upgrade, i.e V15 is released.


How often do you release a new numbered upgrade?

The currency (or life) of a numbered version of CADPower is about 12 months. We release a new numbered upgrade in the month of April or May every year. The timing is normally set to coincide with the new release of AutoCAD from Autodesk. However, this may not always be true or guaranteed.

The new version of CADPower will be compatible with the latest release of AutoCAD and a few earlier versions of AutoCAD. Click here for supported versions.


How much does an upgrade cost?

The cost of an upgrade is approximately 35%-40% of the cost of a full license.


Who is eligible for an upgrade?

An upgrade is allowed only between the current version and one version behind the current version. CADPower V15 is the current version today and only CADPower V13 users qualify to purchase an upgrade.

CADPower users who are two or more versions behind the current version will have to purchase a full and fresh license.


What is the benefit of upgrading on time?

Staying current with CADPower allows you access to new features, enhancements, bug fixes and support by way of FREE downloadable updates. Your own wish-lists, suggestions and feedback can get incorporated in CADPower that will be yours to download as soon as ready. All these fixes happen only on the current release and will not be available on earlier releases. Only a current version user of CADPower can benefit from these.

On the other hand, if you upgrade after skipping a version of CADPower altogether, you pay the full price for the license again (which would actually work out 20% more than two upgrade costs)  and end up not being able to use all the new, cool and exciting features of CADPower for one FULL year. The benefits are obvious.


What happens if you do not upgrade your CADPower?

If you do not upgrade your CADPower license, you can still continue to use CADPower on the AutoCAD versions that it supports. The newer version of CADPower is often required to run on the latest release of AutoCAD. This will not be possible if you are still on an older version of CADPower. Additionally, you will not have access to new features, enhancements, bug fixes and support as explained elsewhere in this section.


Do I need to obtain a new license file when I upgrade to a newer version of CADPower?

Yes, each numbered version of CADPower uses its own license file and you cannot use them inter-changeably. If you copy the license file of CADPower V14 into the folder where you have installed CADPower V15, it will not work and the software will continue to run in un-registered evaluation mode.

Please do not attempt to edit the license file. It is an encrypted binary format and editing it may cause the license to mal-function.


Do you have a floating license for CADPower for use in multiple computers?

Yes, CADPower can be run using a floating license on a Local Area Network. The price of a floating license is 40% higher than the standalone licenses. At any time, only the permitted number of computers can log in and use CADPower simultaneously.

In a floating license mechanism, the license file is placed in a pre-specified location on the network which must be a folder which is visible (with read, write, create and delete permissions) to all CADPower users on the network. The master license file stores encrypted information about the number of users that can use the software simultaneously. It also stores the location on the network where the file must be placed.


Do I get license file replacement support if I have not upgraded to the current version of CADPower?

Yes, you will be given license file replacement support until two versions prior to the current version of CADPower. There will be no license file replacement support available for clients who are MORE THAN 2 versions BEHIND the current version of CADPower.


Why do we have this upgrade policy?

CADPower is a low-cost software. Our upgrade policies are consistent with the practices followed by major software vendors of similar software.

Our policy is lenient and to the advantage of the user and protects the interests of both the vendor and the end-user.


Who is eligible for a FREE upgrade?

A new numbered upgrade of CADPower is released in April or May each year. Users who have purchased CADPower on or after January 1st of that calendar year are eligible to get a FREE upgrade to the next numbered upgrade.

This concession is granted during the window period from January to May so that your investment in CADPower made in this period is protected for atleast 12 months before you would be required to purchase an upgrade.


What configurations of multiple-user licensing is available?

CADPower is available as single user, 2-user, 4-user, 10-user, 20-user and an un-limited user site license configuration.

Installation FAQs

Where do I copy the license file 'CADPowerUser14_??_??.rgs'?

The CADPower license file 'CADPowerUser14_??_??.rgs' is emailed to the client as a Zip file. You must unzip this file and copy 'CADPowerUser14_??_??.rgs' file to the same folder where you have installed CADPower. Copying it in any other location will cause CADPower to continue to run in evaluation (un-licensed) mode.


What is the naming convention of the CADPower license file?

The CADPower license file has a name which looks like 'CADPowerUser14_<lang>_<platform>.rgs' .

<lang> specifies the language for which the license is valid. It can either be EN (English), ES (Spanish) or DE (German).

<platform> specifies the CAD platform for which the license is valid. It can either be AC (AutoCAD) or BC (BricsCAD).

Example: A CADPower V14 English license for AutoCAD will be named as CADPowerUser15_EN_AC.rgs.


Can CADPower be installed on a server?

Yes, CADPower can be installed on any computer on the local area network. Just like in the case of a local install, you will have to ensure that the correct network path to the computer, drive and folder name at the server (or remote computer) location are entered on your computer. This is done under the Options command -> Files Tab -> Support file search path as explained in the CADPower readme file.

Please ensure that all necessary network permissions are available for the computers to access each other.


Can CADPower be installed on the server even if AutoCAD or BricsCAD is installed locally on each work-station?

Yes, CADPower installation and AutoCAD / BricsCAD installation are completely independent of each other. Often, system administrators might install AutoCAD or BricsCAD locally to minimize network traffic and load. You may want to do the same with CADPower as well and install it locally but it is not mandatory. Additionally, CADPower is a much lighter program compared to AutoCAD and there is no major network traffic due to CADPower. So, you can install it only in one location on the network.